General Arts and Science - University Science Preparation

The University Science Preparation program will help you earn Grade 12 U equivalents required for entry to a university science-based program in a supportive learning environment.


Fall 2015
Program Status: Closed
Program Code: GSP
Location: Peterborough
Coordinator: Susan Hyndman Email
Credential: Ontario College Certificate
Tuition Fees (Domestic): $2,085.26 per semester*
Tuition Fees (International): $6,993.10 per semester*
* Tuition and fees subject to change.

Program Highlights

The General Arts and Sciences - University Science Preparation program is a one-year Ontario College Certificate that allows you to earn the prerequisites necessary to be considered for admission to a broad range of university undergraduate science programs, such as:

  • Chemistry, Physics or Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Engineering and Mathematics
  • Medical and Health Sciences
  • Animal Sciences
  • Forensic Science
  • Environmental Studies

This program provides the hard to find combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics with a unique emphasis on applied laboratory-based learning. This combination is not readily available in high school or at other colleges.

Is this You?

This program is designed for learners who:

  • have graduated from secondary school with an OSSD but who lack certain academic qualifications for direct admission into the first year of a science-based program at a university
  • wish to improve their confidence, abilities and academic readiness for Bachelor of Science university degree programs
  • are interested in the sciences and wish to experience hands on laboratory-based learning in preparation for university level science programs

Why Choose Fleming

Fleming College has a strong and growing reputation for helping students to build their academic skills through pathway programs.  Courses in the General Arts and Science - University Science Preparation program steadily build skills in communication, problem-solving, research and critical thinking. 

Many graduates of this program have gone on to pursue university studies and credit the strong start they obtained at Fleming as key to their success. Please note that each university has its own admission policies regarding graduates of pathway programs such as this.

Minimum Admission Requirements

OSSD with the majority of credits at the College (C) and Open (O) level, including:
  • 2 College (C) English courses (grade 11 or 12)
  • 2 College (C) Math courses (grade 11 or 12)
  • 2 different Grade 11 or Grade 12 College (C) Science courses (Biology, Chemistry or Physics).

 When (C) is the minimum course level for admission, (U) and (U/C) level courses are also accepted.

Mature Students

If you are 19 years of age before classes start, and you do not possess an OSSD,  you can write the Canadian Adult Achievement Test  to assess your eligibility for admission. Additional testing or academic upgrading may be necessary to meet specific course requirements for this program.

All applicants will be required to achieve course credit in any mandatory sciences, through Secondary School or through Academic Upgrading programs.


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