Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts offer people of all ages the opportunity to express themselves through art, craft, writing, music, movement, and narrative arts.


Spring 2017
Program Status: Accepting Applications
Program Code: EXA
Location: Haliburton
Contact: Shelley Schell Email
Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Start Dates: April 24, 2017
Tuition and Ancillary Fees (Domestic): $1,836.37 program duration*
Tuition and Ancillary Fees (International): $7,016.35 program duration*
* Tuition and fees subject to change.

Program Highlights

Expressive Arts practitioners incorporate a range of creative options into their existing professional skills and areas of expertise. Learn how to facilitate the development and transformation of the people in your care through expressive arts. You will explore your own creativity and learn how to design and deliver expressive arts programming to people in a variety of circumstances. Problem solving, conflict resolution, self-exploration, group dynamics, self-care, and much more are investigated in this highly experiential and discovery-based program. Examine the theoretical and practical approaches to expressive arts as a means of assisting people, and learn how to protect yourself from burnout. Fleming's Graduate Certificate in Expressive Arts is a helpful addition to the counselling, teaching, support or ministry you currently offer others.

Mandatory courses include Expressive Arts - Exploring Relationships, Introduction to Expressive Arts, Planning Expressive Arts Experiences and Professional Issues with the Expressive Arts. The additional four courses focus on various modalities including - but not limited to - music, dance, mask, storytelling and art making. You may take this certificate on a part-time basis, course by course, or in an intensive eight-week format offered each spring.

Backed by the reputation of Haliburton School of Art + Design, and many enthusiastic instructors with experience in counselling and/or the arts, you will benefit professionally and personally from your time spent in pursuit of this certificate.

Part-time students pay individual course registration fees. Individual course registrations ($350.09 plus materials per course) will be considered in the 8-week program on March 27, 2017, dependent upon the complete program registration level and space availability. Up to 4 courses can be taken within the spring 8-week program and a limited number of courses are also available each summer.

NOTE: All eight courses must be completed within a five year timeframe.

Why Choose Fleming

Our particular approach to training in the expressive arts is unique. We offer the certificate with the flexibility of studying full or part-time so professionals currently working can fit this training into their busy schedules. Backed by the reputation of the Haliburton School of Art + Design and many enthusiastic instructors with experience in counselling therapies and/or the arts, you will benefit professionally and personally from your time spent in pursuit of this certificate.

Is this You?

  • an interest in the arts
  • good communication skills
  • empathetic, tactful and sensitive
  • culturally aware and diplomatic
  • a holistic attitude toward health and well-being
  • a respect for confidentiality
  • active listening skills
  • actively working on your own self-development
  • previous work experience in a social service capacity is an asset

Career Opportunities

The Expressive Arts Certificate will be a useful complement to an existing career in education, counselling, social work, social service, the arts, or ministry. With the broad-based focus of this certificate, expect to find yourself using many of the skills you have learned in the workplace on a daily basis.

Faculty Profile

Faculty member Julie McIntyre is an art therapist, social artist, sacred activist, and spiritual pilgrim. In her private practice she designs and facilitates groups for all ages in the area of bereavement and palliative care, mindfulness for wellbeing, and spiritual retreats. Her passion for expressive arts as essential to wellbeing has led her to participate in several international humanitarian projects. As an expressive arts practitioner, as well as a graduate and Coordinator of the Expressive Arts program, Julie brings a wealth of experience and perspective to the classroom studio.

“This is not so much about making works of art, but rather making the art work for us.” (Art and Healing, 1999)

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • The minimum admission requirement is a human service or arts Ontario College Diploma or university degree.
  • Applicants who do not have the academic admission requirements as stated above, but who have relevant experience will be considered on an individual basis.

These requirements apply to full-time and part-time studies.

Transfer Agreements

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