Courses & Descriptions


Semester 1

  • Aromatherapy Basics and Product Knowledge COSM0002

    Units/ Hours: 45

    Students will practice advanced techniques in specialized facial treatments, mask therapies and product application to meet the client's individual needs.

  • College Communications for the Helping Professions COMM0079

    Units/ Hours: 45

    This first semester course will introduce students to the essential communication skills required to be successful in their chosen post-secondary program. These skills include reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking. Through a series of written assignments, in-class discussions based on readings, and lab activities, students will improve their overall communication skills. Students of COMM79 will engage in a series of activities and assignments designed to provide the essential language skills required for academic success.

  • Fundamentals of Skin Care COSM0001

    Units/ Hours: 60

    With an understanding of skin physiology and anatomy, students will practice cleansing, toning and European facial massage.

  • Manicure COSM0003

    Units/ Hours: 45

    Manicures are one of the most requested services in the Spa industry. Wet and dry treatments, hot stone massage, exfoliants and masks will provide students with a solid learning foundation. All aspects of decontamination nail disorders and diseases are discussed and practiced.

  • Pedicure Level 1 COSM0006

    Units/ Hours: 45

    Discover the latest in pedicure techniques and leading edge skills in nail care from our Master Pedicurist, You will learn to provide traditional pedicures, and medi pedis will be demonstrated and discussed. In addition, you will study foot scrubs, masks, and hot stone treatments in demand in spa care. Nail disorders, disease and contra-indications are a focal point of this course.

  • Hair Removal COSM0007

    Units/ Hours: 45

    Students will become proficient in a variety of hair removal techniques and treatments. Hard and soft wax techniques, eyebrow sculpting and full body hair removal are some of the treatments that will be taught. Students will practice eyelash and eyebrow tinting application.

  • Practical Spa Experience I FLPL0104

    Units/ Hours: 30

    In this first practicum, students will perform esthetic skills learned in the first semester on their peers.

  • Introductory Computing COMP0345

    Units/ Hours: 45

    Working in the Windows 7 environment, this computer course introduces the student to computer basics (computer terminology, e-mail, file management) and the application and use of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software using Microsoft Office 2010. Through the extensive use of hands-on activities, students will gain sufficient knowledge and experience to make productive use of computers as a tool in the college and workplace environments. (For PSW Bridging to Practical Nursing students- 1 hour of teacher instruction plus 2 hours self-guided computer lab weekly).

Semester 2

  • Communications for Customer Service Excellence COMM0083

    Units/ Hours: 45

    To have an edge in today's marketplace you must excel in customer service. This course explores the nature and scope of customer service and its importance in operating a successful business. The skills taught in this course are critical for success whether you are in business for yourself or employed in other professional environments. You will take part in activities to enhance interpersonal skills to effectively address a variety of customer service issues. This course will help you as a professional to increase and maintain clientele through providing extraordinary customer service - and help increase business revenues and reputation in the community.

  • Introductory Human Biology SCIE0112

    Units/ Hours: 45

    This course will outline the basic functions of the human body in the context of esthetic treatment. Topics will include human biological, physiological and anatomical systems. The importance of how systems affect healthy skin and body will be emphasized, enabling the student to determine when to apply skin treatments or when to refer a client.

  • Nail Technology and Chemistry COSM0004

    Units/ Hours: 60

    Students will practice nail enhancement techniques with different overlay systems according to professional standards and ethics.

  • Body Treatments COSM0008

    Units/ Hours: 45

    Students will practice facial techniques using specialized facial machines, basic body treatments and relaxation massage while demonstrating an understanding of the anatomy of the body.

  • Oncology & Cosmetic Chemistry COSM0034

    Units/ Hours: 30

    In depth knowledge of how cosmetic ingredients impact overall health, wellness and the environment is vital in the esthetics industry. This course will explore the ingredients that pose a negative impact on the client and their wellbeing. Years of research have brought the esthetician and the oncology patient together like never before. Medical research now shows that esthetic treatments, aromatherapy and massage are beneficial to the oncology client. You will be able to recognize the skin challenges faced by the client due to disorders, oncology treatments and medications. You will combine both components of this course and be able to recommend cosmetically safe products and treatments for the oncology client, according to the latest medical and esthetic guidelines.

  • Practical Spa Experience II FLPL0105

    Units/ Hours: 90

    Students will be introduced to and participate in the daily business activities of "Essentials: The Spa at Fleming". In this second practicum, students will perform introductory esthetic techniques on clients and participate in all aspects of an esthetic business.

  • Towards Optimum Health GNED0052

    Units/ Hours: 45

    This course will provide students with the tools they need to achieve and maintain optimum health and longevity. The emphasis will be on avoidance of chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke, cancer and diabetes through sound nutrition and therapeutic supplementation. Healthy living techniques such as exercise, stress management and the power of positive thinking will also be covered.

  • General Education Elective

    Course Number: GENED

    All graduates of diploma programs require general education credits. These courses allow you to explore issues of societal concern by looking at the history, theory and contemporary applications of those issues.

    Your program has designated some required general education courses. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose from a list of electives each semester.

    Many of these courses and some other general education courses are also available through evening classes, by distance education, or on-line. See our Part-Time Studies Calendar for these opportunities.

    You may already possess general education equivalencies from other colleges or universities. Please see the General Education Co-ordinators at the Peterborough and Lindsay locations for possible exemptions.

    See this page for a list of approved General Education Courses at Fleming College.

Semester 3

  • Practical Spa Experience III FLPL0106

    Units/ Hours: 150

    In this third practicum, students will continue to perform spa services on clients; use spa computer software to practice professional receptionist skills; and experience the role of manager in 'Essentials: The Spa at Fleming' according to professional standards, ethics and agency protocols.

  • Makeup Artistry and Cosmetology COSM0009

    Units/ Hours: 45

    Students will practice professional make-up strategies to meet various client needs and expectations. Some of the make-up application techniques include day, evening, bridal, camouflage and fantasy looks.

  • Advanced Skin and Body Treatments COSM0010

    Units/ Hours: 45

    Students will practice advanced spa body treatments. Treatments include basic relaxation massage, basic aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, scrubs and wraps. Students will compete to create a unique, layered spa body treatment to be used at Ste. Anne's Spa.

  • Introduction to Medical Esthetics COSM0027

    Units/ Hours: 30

    This course introduces the Esthetician student to the field of Medical Esthetics, so that he or she can make appropriate traditional esthetic service recommendations to their clients, based on an awareness of contra-indications that medical esthetic procedures pose to traditional esthetics.

  • Customer Care and Interpersonal Dynamics BUSN0068

    Units/ Hours: 45

    This course will provide knowledge and skills in how to create positive public and inter-salon relations. Practical skills and strategies of business management, exemplary customer service, presenting a professional and respected public image, building rapport and maintaining a strong client base will be provided.

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