Climbing to top spot

Fleming College students and graduates of the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences were among the top finishers at the annual Ontario Tree Climbing Competition held in Owen Sound September 13 and 14.In the men’s competition Fleming was well-represented – John Ransom placed first, Sean Hoondert came in third and Ben Sauve finished fourth.In the women’s category, Fleming’s Allison Boles placed fourth and won the Spirit of Competition Award.Participants compete in five categories at the tree climbing competition:• Belayed Speed Climb – a timed event in which competitors must climb to the top of a 25-metre tall tree• Aerial Rescue – a timed and judged event in which competitors must extract a 170-pound dummy from a tree• Footlocking – a timed event in which competitors ascend the tree on a rope• Work Climb – a judged event in which competitors must visit four stations in a tree and then hit a landing target on the ground• Throwline – a judged event in which competitors throw a weighted line at various targets in a tree.The college will host its own Tree Climbing Competition on Friday, September 19 at the Frost Campus.Fleming College features a cluster of renowned Forestry programs that include Arboriculture, Urban Forestry, and Forestry Technician.

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