Enrolment growth at Fleming College

Enrolment for first year students at Fleming College in 2008 has increased again – over record growth in 2007.Fleming College has 2,900 students starting first semester classes at all campuses this September. This is up two per cent over last year’s 12 per cent first year enrolment increase.Areas seeing the greatest increases include the School of Continuing Education and Skilled Trades and the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences. New programs in Welding Techniques, Fitness and Health Promotion and the joint degree-diploma in Ecological Restoration, in partnership with Trent University, have also contributed to enrolment growth.Electrical Techniques, a new program in September 2007, has doubled in size this year to become one of the college’s largest program offerings with 125 students. Continued growth and demand in the electrical sector, will allow for further expansion within this program.Fleming continues to draw a broad cross-section of students – secondary students and mature students – from across Ontario. The number of students attending Fleming from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) continues to increase as well.“After such a significant increase in 2007, we are pleased that enrolment has continued to rise,” said Dr. Tony Tilly, President of Fleming College. “This is a testament to the reputation of Fleming College as a first class educational institution and the hard work of our faculty and staff to ensure students get the most from their college experience.”In 2007, 55 per cent of first year students reported they chose Fleming for its reputation. Fleming emphasizes student learning first and is well-known for excellent faculty-student interaction. The college has enhanced services and added new facilities to further draw in prospective students.     – 30 -For more information: Laura Copeland, Communications Officer, 705-749-5530 x 1370 or copeland@flemingc.on.ca 

A flying success

With the occasional drone of an airplane flying over head, 16 Fleming College students celebrated their graduation from the Aircraft Interior Fundamentals Certificate program at the Peterborough Airport on September 18.A joint initiative with local company Flying Colours, the program trained displaced workers in the field of aircraft refurbishment. It is the only program of its kind in Ontario and one of only two in Canada.The ceremony gathered family and friends as well as Fleming College and Flying Colours staff for the celebration.“We’re so pleased to be able to share this moment with you,” said Lucy Ellen Kanary, Dean of Fleming’s School of Continuing Education and Skilled Trades. “You’re joining a long, long line of Fleming graduates.”Ms. Kanary also offered her thanks to the Flying Colours family for their partnership in the program.“The word unique is sometimes overused,” said Fleming College President Dr. Tony Tilly. “But it really applies to this program.“You are a group of people that came together and wanted to learn, learn, learn – and get as much as possible out of this experience.“I truly believe this program is emblematic of what needs to happen in our society.”Graduates of the 16-week program are qualified to refurbish aircraft interiors and have learned a subset of skills that includes upholstery, carpentry, cabinet and other fixture installations as well as minor electrical work.Valedictorian Shaun McCrum spoke to the apprehension some students felt in returning to the classroom after 10 to 15 years of being out of school.However he lauded the group’s “astronomical” success in rising to the challenge.“Everything was a team effort,” he said. “Everyone helped each other. Everyone was patient with each other.“As a class, we have met complete success.”Flying Colours’ Kate Gillespie told the graduates they are “definitely making history.”“There are not too many others doing the same thing,” she said. Flying Colours, whose operations are headquartered at the Peterborough Airport, started operations 30 years ago. It now has 130 employees and is a full completion centre for aircraft refurbishment, including upholstery, avionics, and exterior finishing.Additional partners that made the program possible include the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Victoria County Career Services, Watton Employment Services, and TOWES. 

Climbing to top spot

Fleming College students and graduates of the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences were among the top finishers at the annual Ontario Tree Climbing Competition held in Owen Sound September 13 and 14.In the men’s competition Fleming was well-represented – John Ransom placed first, Sean Hoondert came in third and Ben Sauve finished fourth.In the women’s category, Fleming’s Allison Boles placed fourth and won the Spirit of Competition Award.Participants compete in five categories at the tree climbing competition:• Belayed Speed Climb – a timed event in which competitors must climb to the top of a 25-metre tall tree• Aerial Rescue – a timed and judged event in which competitors must extract a 170-pound dummy from a tree• Footlocking – a timed event in which competitors ascend the tree on a rope• Work Climb – a judged event in which competitors must visit four stations in a tree and then hit a landing target on the ground• Throwline – a judged event in which competitors throw a weighted line at various targets in a tree.The college will host its own Tree Climbing Competition on Friday, September 19 at the Frost Campus.Fleming College features a cluster of renowned Forestry programs that include Arboriculture, Urban Forestry, and Forestry Technician.

First graduates of Aircraft Interior Fundamentals program

The first 16 students to graduate from Fleming College’s new Aircraft Interior Fundamentals Certificate program will celebrate their achievements on Thursday, September 18.The students will receive their Certificates in a ceremony at the Peterborough Airport from 10 to 11:30 a.m.The program, the first of its kind in Ontario, is a joint initiative between Fleming College and Flying Colours.Graduates of the 16-week program are qualified to refurbish aircraft interiors and have learned a subset of skills that includes upholstery, carpentry, cabinet and other fixture installations as well as minor electrical work.The business of aircraft refurbishment is currently booming. Local company Flying Colours, based out of the Peterborough Airport, already has an international reputation for excellence in the field. It has partnered with Fleming College with a commitment to hire graduates of the program.     – 30 -For more information: Laura Copeland, Communications Officer, 705-749-5530 x 1370 or copeland@flemingc.on.ca

Ontario Textbook and Technology Grant

The Ontario government is offering a new, annual grant to help full-time college and university students pay for textbooks and computer costs.The Textbook and Technology Grant is available to full-time students attending a college or university in Ontario. In the 2008-09 academic year, the grant is $150.  The annual grant will increase to $300 per year when fully implemented.To be eligible, you must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada or a protected person.  For more details on eligibility, visit ontario.ca/OSAP.Full-time community college and university students who apply for OSAP for 2008-09 will automatically be considered for the grant.If you are an eligible full-time student who is not receiving OSAP, you will need to complete a short online application for the Textbook and Technology Grant.To apply, visit ontario.ca/OSAP.If you are studying for one term only, you must submit your application within the first 30 days of your study period.  If you are studying for two or three terms, you must apply no later than 90 days before the end of your study period.For more information about the Textbook and Technology Grant, check out ontario.ca/OSAP