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Geomatics is a revolutionary new enabling technology, and harnessing its potential is within your reach at the Geomatics Institute at Fleming. The term geomatics refers to a set of fast-growing technology-based disciplines focusing on the gathering, analysis, dissemination and management of geographic information.

Geomatics encompasses:

  • Remote Sensing - analysis and use of aerial photography and satellite images
  • Surveying including Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Cartography - the art and science of representing real world phenomena on maps (including web-based presentation)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - management and analysis of spatial (geographic) data and related attributes in databases

Application Areas

Geomatics applications are constantly evolving as various industries identify new needs and uses for their data. The applications span many fields and disciplines. A few examples are:

  • Tracking exotic and invasive animal and insect species
  • Supporting fire prevention, emergency response and damage assessment
  • Maintaining electric, gas, water and telecommunications networks
  • Understanding the effects of pesticides and chemicals
  • Identifying and evaluating potential wetland conservation and restoration sites
  • Tracking disease and increasing access to healthcare
  • Managing crime and identifying high risk areas

A Growing Industry

Over 2,100 Canadian geomatics companies operate in a $2-billion market and employ about 27,000 people, and it's still growing. The technological skills of Canada’s geomatics professionals form a significant competitive advantage on an international scale.

Interested in a career in this fast-growing and far reaching career? Harnessing its potential is within your reach at the Geomatics Institute at Fleming!