Faculty Profile for Jennifer Mykolyshyn


Jennifer Mykolyshyn

Haliburton School of The Arts

Jennifer Mykolyshyn is a practicing artist and life-model. In addition to her studies at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, she is an award-winning graduate of Haliburton School of The Arts where she studied drawing and painting. Her work has been displayed in several gallery exhibitions and art fairs in Ontario and British Columbia. Her drawings and paintings are an exploration of the figure through abstraction using a variety of media styles. Drawing from her experience on both sides of the easel, she produces a display of energy transferring the essence of the pose through the material and onto the page. In addition to her art experience, Jennifer's background includes extensive food preparation as well as teaching children. She enjoys the opportunity to combine these interests in Haliburton. www.jennifermykolyshyn.com

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