Faculty Profile for Dorit Osher


Dorit Osher

Haliburton School of The Arts

Dorit Osher, MSW, is a psychotherapist, dancer, educator and creator. She has worked as a professional contemporary dancer with the Batsheva Dance Company in TelAviv, Israel, and as an independent dance artist in London (UK), Amsterdam, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, and South Africa. Dorit is a clinical social worker who works as a psychotherapist with a focus in somatic psychology. She is interested in the creation of movement that evolves from improvisational movement/dance and is curious about developing movement that captures the complexity of our physical form. Through embodied mindfulness, somatic practices, expressive arts and movement, Dorit teaches and supports others in finding greater freedom, creativity, compassion, empowerment and aliveness in their lives. www.doritosher.com

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