Faculty Profile for Cassandra Wyszkowski


Cassandra Wyszkowski

Haliburton School of The Arts

Cassandra Wyszkowski attended the New School of Art in Toronto and went on to receive complete training in the medium of Japanese Brush Painting (sumi-e) under Ruth Yamada. In 1972, she earned her Japanese seal on the basis of a test painting submitted to a panel of sumi-e judges in Japan. Cassandra received further training in Western watercolour and Chinese painting and has developed a unique style based on these oriental traditions. She is a member of the Sumi-e Artists of Canada, has been teaching and painting professionally for over 30 years, and has exhibited in numerous galleries in solo and group exhibitions throughout the country. Cassandra has also delivered workshops to painters' and potters' guilds throughout Ontario. Her paintings are held in private and corporate collections in North America and abroad. Cassandra has been teaching at the Haliburton School of The Arts every summer since 1976.

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