Tuition and Ancillary Fees

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for post-secondary, programs are set in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities fee guidelines.

Full-Time Students

A student registered in at least 70% of the total program credits or at least two-thirds of the number of courses in the term is classified as a full-time student according to MTCU guidelines for fee purposes.

Extra Courses

Full-Time students will be required to pay fees for each course taken in excess of the normal full-time load for the current term of their program and for any non-credit course(s) they wish to take. Courses may include material fees (varies per course) and/or on-line course fee.

Program Fees (Domestic Students)

Ancillary Fees

The following Ancillary Fees are in place for the 2016-17 academic year. These fees are included in the total fees you are required to pay and vary by campus location.

Ancillary Fees 2016-17 per Term
Sutherland Campus Frost Campus Haliburton Campus
College Levied Fees
Alumni 13.77 13.77 13.77
Support Services 90.37 90.37 90.37
Information Technology 87.21 87.21 87.21
Student Government Levied Fees
Student Activity 95.00 97.71 49.00
Athletic Fee 50.00 55.00 52.50
Wellness Centre Membership 82.50
Student Centre Renovation Fund 40.00
Building Fund - Sports Field 42.00
Integrated Transportation Fee** 365.00
Student Centre 37.00
Recreation Building Fund 15.00
Lindsay Recreation Complex 50.00
Lindsay Transit Fee 25.00
Health Insurance* 225.00 225.00 225.00

* Fall start programs only. Health Insurance for Winter start programs is $165 and for Spring start programs is $120.

** Fall start programs only. Integrated Transportation Fee for Winter start programs is $255.50 and for Spring start programs is $142.35. This fee applies to Sutherland Campus programs only.

Health Plan Fees

For information about Health Plan fees please see the Student Health Plan section on our Fee Payment page.

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