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Assessment Testing

Most of our college programs require students to complete a first semester Communications course and an Introductory Computing course. Students come to Fleming with different abilities.

The Assess for Success program measures your current skill level through a series of computer based tests called Accuplacer. The results of these tests help us determine whether students may be eligible for a course exemption in certain program courses.

The test results do not affect your offer of admission.

Please note that the Assess for Success program is optional, and only those students looking for a possible exemption in their Communications and/or Computers courses need to participate.

If you have already completed a Communications course or Computers course at another Post-Secondary Institution, then you may be eligible for Transfer Credit, and are encouraged to follow that process prior to participating in Assess for Success.

To complete your assessment test, follow these instructions:

The assessment can be completed in the testing centres of both Peterborough and Lindsay campuses.

Please send your full name, Fleming student number, Fleming program, phone number, desired test date/time and testing campus to You will receive a confirmation of your test time via email.

Program Testing

Only certain courses at Fleming College use the Assess for Success testing to provide potential course exemptions based on assessment scores. To determine if your program uses the Assess for Success program, please review the Program Testing document below.

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Assessment Test FAQs

Do I need to prepare for my assessment?
No. The goal of these assessments is to determine your skill level in communications and/or computers as you enter your chosen program. However, it is EXTREMELY important that you take these tests seriously. As retesting is not permitted, make sure you take your time and do your very best.
How long does the assessment take?
There is no time limit imposed for the assessment. Students typically take an average of 60-90 minutes to complete the communications assessment and 30-60 minutes to complete the computers assessment.
What do I need to bring to my assessment?
You must bring your student number (you can find this in the upper right-hand corner of any formal document sent to you from Fleming's Registrar's office, including this letter) and a piece of photo ID (driver's license, government health card, or passport).
Do I need to arrive early for my assessment?
Yes. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time so that you have enough time to sign-in for the assessment. If you arrive late, you may have to reschedule your assessment.
Where do I go?
When you arrive on campus, please note there is no free parking. There is a fee of $4.00 for entrance into gated lots. Pay-and-display is also available. Look for signage that will direct you to the testing centre.
I live out of town. Do I have to complete my assessment at Fleming?
It is possible to complete the assessments at an alternate location as long as you have an approved proctor present while you complete the tests. Please note that you may be required to pay additional locally determined testing fees if you complete the assessment at an alternate location. To learn more, visit the Fleming College website for more information. Download Proctor form
What if English is not my first language?
There is an ESL version of the Communications assessment available. Please indicate your preference to complete an ESL version when you are booking your appointment.
What if I have a disability?
There are several options available to students with disabilities. It is important to indicate a need for disability accommodation at the time you book your assessment. Accommodations will be given to those who can provide appropriate documentation. Depending on the accommodation required, you may be re-directed to Learning Support Services.
What if I have already taken the assessment?
If you have previously been assessed here at Fleming please contact Tara Meldrum, the School Operations Liaison for the School of General Arts and Sciences to determine whether your previous results are accessible.
Tara Meldrum
School Operations Liaison
TEL: 705-749-5530 ext. 1637
When do I find out if I have been granted an exemption in Communications and/or computers based on my score?
You will be notified of your assessment results and timetable changes by Fleming email prior to your start date. Please note that your timetable has the potential to change up to the 10th day of classes.
What if I fail my assessment?
These assessments are not about passing or failing; however, test results may be used to determine your eligibility for exemption in communications and/or computers. Take the test seriously and do your best.
What if I don't write the assessment?
Testing is optional; however, testing may also be used in some programs to determine your eligibility for a course exemption. If you do not complete the assessment test then we cannot determine your exemption eligibility. Please refer to the Program Testing list to see if your program uses the Assess for Success program to determine exemption opportunities.
If I have already taken a communications course at College or University, do I have to take one again?

You are eligible for an exemption if you hold an equivalent internal Fleming credit that is less than five years old. COMM32, 44, 78, 79, 80 and 166 are direct equivalents. Therefore, if you have previously completed one of COMM32, 44, 78, 79, 80 or 166, and are entering a program that requires an alternate one of these courses, please contact Tara Meldrum, the School Operations Liaison for the School of General Arts and Sciences to confirm your exemption:

Tara Meldrum
School Operations Liaison
TEL: 705-749-5530 ext. 1637

Am I eligible for an exemption if I have previously completed a post-secondary credit in first semester Computers?
If you already hold the COMP345 credit from Fleming College you will not be required to complete the computers course again, nor are you required to complete the computer assessment test. Please note that there may be other course equivalents, so if you hold a computers credit from Fleming that is less than three years old with an alternate course number, please contact Tara Meldrum, the School Operations Liaison for the School of General Arts & Sciences:
Tara Meldrum
School Operations Liaison
TEL: 705-749-5530 ext. 1637
Are my assessment results confidential?
All personal information collected by Fleming College is in accordance with sections 21, 39 and 49 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and under the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002, Regulation 34/03. The personal information collected during these assessments, both written and computerized, will be used to assess your skill levels in English and will be made available to College faculty and staff as required in order to place students in appropriate subjects, provide advisement about academic services and academic progress, and to conduct research into academic assessment, advisement and success. If you have any questions concerning the collection and use of your personal information, please contact the School Operations Liaison for the School of General Arts and Sciences, at 749-5530 ext 1637.
What does the Communications Assessment look like?

The Communications Assessment is comprised of two parts: reading comprehension and writing skills, both of which are completed through an online assessment tool called Accuplacer. Please note that, at the time of testing, you may only be required to complete the Reading Comprehension part of the assessment.

  • Reading Comprehension
    There are 20 multiple choice questions that each consist of reading a either a pair of sentences or a short passage followed by a question based on the text.
  • Writing skills
    The writing sample gives you an opportunity to show how effectively you can develop and express your ideas in writing. You will first read a short passage and an assignment question that are focused on an important issue. The following six characteristics of writing will be considered:
    1. Purpose and Focus – The extent to which you present information in a unified and coherent manner, clearly addressing the issue.
    2. Organization and Structure – The extent to which you order and connect ideas.
    3. Development and Support – The extent to which you develop and support ideas.
    4. Sentence Variety and Style – The extent to which you craft sentences and paragraphs demonstrating control of vocabulary, voice and structure.
    5. Mechanical Conventions – The extent to which you express ideas using Standard Written English.
    6. Critical Thinking – The extent to which you communicate a point of view and demonstrate reasoned relationships among ideas.
What does the Computers assessment look like?

The computers assessment is a single assessment of Computer skills completed through an online assessment tool called Accuplacer.

This test includes the following topics: Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, basic computer concepts, and email.

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